Katrina King, Executive Director

 Katrina King has been a foster parent in Virginia and Indiana. She has also served as a CASA. There are 11 children that call Katrina mom from ages 7-32. She runs a licensed in-home child care. Her life centers around caring for children. She attends Maryland Community Church and is a small group leader for single moms.   She hopes that by utilizing SHINE. Foster Family Resources, our current foster and kinship families will be able to provide better quality care and stay active in the foster care community longer. Katrina is a true Foster Parent Advocate and prides herself in being supportive to her peers.

Stacey Rice, Treasurer

Stacey Rice was introduced to the struggles of those involved in the Foster Care System when she joined a group a church that serves Foster Families. After hearing more about the needs of these children and all that SHINE provides for them, She knew this was the cause she had been looking for in the area to devote her time to. Since having her own children, it had been weighing heavily on her heart to help other children in the local community, As Treasurer, she wants to safeguard the donations that churches, organizations, and individuals have so generously given to SHINE to help us provide for every single child in need of services in Region 8.

Laken Richardson, Marketing & Events

Laken Richardson has two active businesses that serve the community and is a mom to 4 children. She is an advocate for the underserved and most vulnerable. She has two nieces adopted from foster care, and it’s families like her little sister’s that makes her want to ensure every foster family has the support necessary to give foster children a better life.

Karen Randolph, Marketing

Karen Randolph volunteered for the Borrowed Hearts organization before joining the SHINE board of directors in late 2021. As a youth leader at her church, Karen helped mentor vulnerable youth and saw up close how foster teens struggle, adapt, and overcome trauma in their past to become successful adults. She’s thrilled to use her professional background to help shine awareness on the needs of foster families and give them the support they need!